Includes a 6-day hunt, modern housekeeping accommodations, baited sites, assistance with skinning, and all taxes. Storage of hides and meat in our walk-in freezer is provided at no charge.

Our Bear Management Area is 80 square miles of wilderness, some areas rarely or never hunted. Many sites are accessible by truck or SUV, but beginning in 2018, we offered hunters who bring ATVs the opportunity to hunt sites that are only accessible by ATV. We often rotate hunting grounds, but many of the ATV sites will have never been hunted or not hunted for many years.

We begin baiting as soon as ice and snow conditions allow us to in order to ensure that we have a surplus of active sites by the time our hunters arrive. We have sites suitable for archery, rifle, shotgun, and muzzle loading hunters.

Rates – 2020

1 week bear hunt
Per Person
1 week bear hunt with fishing package
Per Person



Ontario Black Bear hunting license, export permit, fishing license, firearm registration, Ontario Outdoors Card

***Tree stands are designed for both Archery & Rifle Hunters***

Our 2019 Black Bear Hunt

May 23rd to May 29th
May 30th to June 5th
June 6th to June 12th
August 29th to September 4th

***Hunter Orange required to and from stands***
***Minimum two hunters per party***
**Hunting groups are required to recover their own bear***
***Check in – 3:00 p.m. / Check out – 9:00 a.m.***


modern housekeeping accommodations

6 day hunt – Saturday to Friday

2 pre-baited, active sites per hunter

site orientation

assistance in skinning

boat & motor for every 2 hunters

walk-in freezer service for hide & meat

information package

all applicable taxes

Your Hosts:

Al & Wendy Craigie
Hwy 560
Shining Tree, Ontario P0M 2X0
Tel. 1-800-810-0193
Tel. 1-705-263-2021

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