The Shining Tree area has been known for its hunting for over a century. Our varied forests, lakes, and rivers are accessed by hundreds of miles of old logging roads. Some are usable by trucks, some by ATVs, and some only by walking.

We are on the border between Wildlife Management Unit 29 and Wildlife Management Unit 40, and about a 25 minute drive from the northeast part of Wildlife Management Unit 39. The area is very popular with hunters as we are an easy drive from both southern and eastern Ontario. Current and abandoned logging roads provide excellent road and trail access into both WMUs. Hunters who enjoy hunting shorelines have dozens of accessible lakes and rivers where they can launch their boats.

WMU 29 has a moose archery season that begins in mid-September and lasts for the 3 week period leading up to the gun season. Advance scouting in an area will improve your chances of success, and give you the opportunity to build or set up stands ahead of time.

The moose gun season in WMUs 29, 39, & 40 opens on the first Saturday closest to October 16th each year. Hunters must apply for their own tags, and the larger your group is, the better the chance of getting a tag and also the better the chance of filling it.

Our small game season opens September 15th each year. Ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, snowshoe hares, and migratory birds are all found in this area.

You can hunt popular areas and roads where travel is easy, or you can walk trails where you aren’t likely to see another person.

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