“Shining Tree” derived it’s name from the Ojibway “Wasasagama”, meaning white wood tree. The Moore family settled here in 1905, opening a general store on West Shiningtree Lake, to trade with the Ojibway on their canoe route and with fur traders. The ground, having been opened for development, saw lumber mills and miningĀ  commence. The General Store became the hub of the area. In 1911, John Moore became the first Postmaster. In 1917, a new store was erected on the south side of Hwy 560, as well as a log one room school. Shining Tree then had two hotels, a boarding house, two lumber mills and five mines in operation.

As time passed, residents began to look to other areas for means of support, such as tourism. The population dwindled with the mines.

The store was again moved, this time to the north side of the highway, and the land to the east of the store was donated by the Moores for a new school.

Over the next years, and owners, changes were made to the business. In the 1980’s, the owners, started to build cottages, gearing toward the tourism industry. We took over in 1990 and have continued the shift to tourism.

We have expanded and improved our accommodations and at the same time increased the fishing and hunting opportunities for our guests.

In 2003, we closed the general store, built a new store for our guests where we sell ice, sundries & snacks, souvenirs and clothing and changed our name to ‘Bay Wolf Camp’.

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Peter & Roberta Westhouse
104 Lakeshore Road
Shining Tree, Ontario P0M 2X0 Canada

Tel. 1-800-810-0193
Tel. 1-705-263-2021

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